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Current Projects

Since its inception as an independent construction management firm in early 2006, HealyCM has worked to provide the highest level of satisfaction to its clients, and in doing so has begun to build its portfolio of projects. HealyCM is currently providing services for three separate noteworthy projects for the Essex County Department of Public Works in Newark, NJ. These projects include the new lobby addition to the Veterans Courthouse, a new 1000+ space parking garage and the replacement of the existing emergency generator.

Veteran's Courthouse, Newark NJ

New Parking Garage, Newark, NJ

In addition to these significant projects, HealyCM is also providing construction management services for a number of maintenance projects for the Essex County Vocational-Technical Schools, including separate projects for the replacement of windows, the upgrading of toilet rooms and the completion of general site improvements at the North 13th Street Center, in Newark, NJ. HealyCM is also providing construction management support for emergency repairs required due to lightning damage at The Chad School/Black Youth Organization in Newark, NJ.

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